Accident 201201BS70214

The accident with index '201201BS70214' hapened on Friday, April 20 of 2012 at 10:53:00. It was a Slight accident with 1 casualties involving 2 vehicles. The weather was Fine no high winds ,the road was Dry and it was Daylight. The speed limit in the accident location was 30 mph. The Police from Metropolitan Police attended and registered the accident.The road type is Single carriageway. The location of the accident is Ladbroke Grove Station, Ladbroke Grove, London W10 6HJ, UK.

The vehicles involved were:

Van / Goods 3.5 tonnes mgw or under

Pedal cycle

Reference: 1

Vehicle Type: Van / Goods 3.5 tonnes mgw or under

Towing and Articulation: No tow/articulation

Vehicle Manoeuvre: Going ahead other

Vehicle Location: On main cway - not in restricted lane

Junction Location: Not at or within 20 metres of junction

Skidding And Overturning: None

Hit Object in CarriageWay: None

Vehicle Leaving CarriageWay: Did not leave carriageway

Hit Object Off CarriageWay: None

1st Point Of Impact: Nearside

Vehicle Left Hand Drive: No

Journey Purpose Of Driver: Journey as part of work

Sex Of Driver: Male

Age Band Of Driver: 26 - 35

Engine Capacity: 2151

Propulsion: Diesel

Age Of Vehicle: 11

Driver IMD: More deprived 30-40%

Driver Home Area Type: Urban area



No casualties in this vehicle.

Other Vehicles in Accident

RefTypeGenderAge BandManouvreLocation1st Impact
2Pedal cycleMale--Going ahead otherOn main cway - not in restricted laneFront

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