Accident 201101BS70035

The accident with index '201101BS70035' hapened on Monday, January 17 of 2011 at 19:55:00. It was a Slight accident with 1 casualties involving 1 vehicles. The weather is unknown ,the road was Wet or damp with Darkness - lights lit. The speed limit in the accident location was 30 mph. The Police from Metropolitan Police attended and registered the accident.The road type is Dual carriageway. The Junction is T or staggered junction.

Casualty Reference: 1

Vehicle Reference: 1

Casualty Class: Pedestrian

Casualty Sex: Female

Casualty Age: 21 - 25

Casualty Severity: Slight

Pedestrian Location: In carriageway, crossing elsewhere

Pedestrian Movement: Crossing from driver nearside

Car Passenger: Not car passenger

Bus or Coach Passenger: Not a bus or coach passenger

Pedestrian Road Maintenance: Not Known

Casualty Type: Pedestrian

Casualty Home Area: Urban area

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