Accident 200601BS70178

The accident with index '200601BS70178' hapened on Sunday, April 16 of 2006 at 14:30:00. It was a Slight accident with 1 casualties involving 1 vehicles. The weather was Raining no high winds ,the road was Wet or damp and it was Daylight. The speed limit in the accident location was 30 mph. The Police from Metropolitan Police attended and registered the accident.The road type is Single carriageway. The Junction is T or staggered junction.

Casualty Reference: 1

Vehicle Reference: 1

Casualty Class: Pedestrian

Casualty Sex: Female

Casualty Age: 36 - 45

Casualty Severity: Slight

Pedestrian Location: In carriageway, crossing elsewhere

Pedestrian Movement: Crossing from driver nearside

Car Passenger: Not car passenger

Bus or Coach Passenger: Not a bus or coach passenger

Pedestrian Road Maintenance: Data missing or out of range

Casualty Type: Pedestrian

Casualty Home Area: Data missing or out of range

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